SQ Intro

The World of Sword Quest is set in the stereo-typical fantasy adventure world of Feludia. Your journey starts off as you following your father's footsteps in hopes of becoming the greatest sword crafting smith.

The first person you meet(if a male character it's Rocky) is Leemo. She is the one who guides you through the tutorial and later challenges in you the quests, Saving Swords.

The World of Feludia also has many other things to learn and explore. There are Dragons and Magic. Heros & Villians. When you are in your workshop, creating your swords it can seem so far away, but when you set out on an adventure, as you travel the lands, you see you have much to see, experience, and learn. Here we'll look at all of it. From every enemy you'll encounter, to the bosses, their rare enemies, and even your fellow cast members. Edex, The Emperor, Kent. We'll see how they progress as well., For here in Feludia, its not just your world, its everyones., and as you'll learn. What you do matters to them, and what they do affects you as well.



Sword Quest Origins (As written on the FB page on 06/30/2014)Edit

How was “Sword Quest” created?Edit

20 years ago, 2 kids dreamed of becoming the greatest comic artists. In elementary school, they made their first comic magazine together. In college, they studied Fine Arts, hoping to sharpen up their drawing skills. These 2 friends eventually became the founders of “Doremi Star”! One of the founder started the planning of Sword Quest 10 years ago. Instead of drawing the comic, the founders decided to make Sword Quest into a Facebook game first.

Sword Quest is a story about a magical world. There are many different characters including Swordsmiths, kings, heroes, villains and many more. Every character you meet, every sword you craft has a unique story behind them. If you haven’t tried Sword Quest yet, you should definitely check it out! It's a fun game and it has a fascinating storyline! Unlock a page of comic when you craft a “legendary” sword!

Sword Quest’s author is currently working night and day, trying to finish up the storyline for upcoming update “Heroine Quests”. This update will bring new quests and new items for all players. We will launch this update as soon as we produce and test all contents.

Finally, what happened to our other founder? Is he planning to create a masterpiece like Sword Quest? Well… he is currently sweeping the floor, running errands and publishing this post. He turned out to be a sucky artist, and has given up on drawing. BUT, he is currently working hard to promote Sword Quest, and you can show your support by playing this game! Q_Q

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