There are 2 places in Sword Quest where you spend your time, the Workshop & Adventure.  

This page will focus on the Workshop, and will try to help clarify everything you see and can find in your workshop.


As you can see, most of the icons are numbered, and there is even an order to the Friends.  We'll go through them 1 by 1 in order to help you out.  The white bar in the bottom left is where your player ID is.  If you need to issue a report(#16), be sure to provide that info.


When you first click the Craft Tab, it shows you all of the Materials you have, and your Mastery with each of them shown by the Stars and/or Bar Progress.

Then there are a number of other icons that you will use under the Craft Icon to further your skill.

Usage of Icons in Crafting
Name Icon Use
Craft Craft Icon Used to pick which material to use to craft your swords
Fusion Fusion Icon Lets you see & choose which Rank B swords to fuse into a Rank A sword
Advanced Crafting Advanced Crafting Icon Used to pick & choose which 2 materials to use to create your Master Swords
Relic Fusion Relic Fusion Icon Used to pick & choose which Relic Core to use to create your Artifact Swords
Component Component Icon Used to let you view & combine the component matierials you have(i.e. Sword Dust)
Sword Essence Sword Essence Icon Both shows the number you have, and upon selecting, lets you pick which Rank C swords you can use to randomly create a Rank B sword.
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Icon Shows you which treasures you have obtained from Adventure to try to open.
Ask for Help Ask For Help Icon Lets you post to your facebook feed when you want to ask your FB friends for help.

Inventory IconInventoryEdit

Next to the Craft Tab you have the Inventory tab; As a Sword Smith, this basically means your swords and the different ways to view them.  This is where you can come to sell them, check them out, and even see which swords you have weaponized for Adventure.

Usage of Icons in Inventory
Name Icon Use
Normal and Rare Normal and Rare Icon Lets you sell and view the Rank D & Rank C swords you own
Epic and Legendary Epic and Legendary Icon Lets you sell and view the Rank B & Rank A swords you own
Master and Godly Master and Godly Icon Lets you seel and view the Rank S, SS, M, & X swords you own
Unsaved Swords Unsaved Swords Icon Shows just the unsaved you swords you have crafted, so you may decide to save them
Weapon Weapon Icon Shows all individual swords you have crafted, as well as, in shaded lettering with a trash can next to it(so you may dispose of them), each sword you have weaponized.

Shop IconShopEdit

The shop is where you can purchase the things you need to continue crafting, or to make your crafting easier.  

Usage of Icons in Shop
Name Icon Use
Ore Ore Icon Shows you all materials, including Adventure, that you can buy either with Coins or Smith Tokens to create your swords.
Component Component Icon Shows: Sword Essence, Soul Metal, & Soul Forge in case you want to purchase them to create the completed product.
Black Market Black Market Icon Shows you the Black Market.  Everyday 3 different ores that are normally Smith Tokens only will be available for purchase via Coins.  However, you are currently limited to buying 5 per ore, a day.
Hammers Hammers Icon Lets you see the various Hammers that you can purchase in the Shop for either Coins or Smith Tokens
Tables Tables Icon Where you can purchase additional table slots for your main or basement table.

Decor IconDecorEdit

Where you go to purchase & select what you want your Workshop to look like.

Usage of Icons in Decor
Name Icon Use
Basic Basic Decor Icon These workshops are unlocked as you level up, and each one, upon completion, offers you a trophy for purchase that will grant a bonus to a material.
Special Special Decor Icon These workshops are available either due to seasonal or for special occasions.  They do not provide a trophy, but instead a different type of bonus.  Usually a special hammer or something else.
Adventure Adventure Decor Icon This is where you can access the rewards you've obtained from completing various Collectibles in Adventure.

Quest IconQuestEdit

Use this to view & complete the quests in the game.  If it is colored, then it needs to be completed.  If it is grey, then it is currently done.

Usage of Icons in Quest
Name Icon Use
Kingdom Quest
Kingdom Quest Icon
Used to complete or start your Kingdom Quest.
Hero Quest
Hero Quest Icon
Use to view & complete your Hero Quest., which shows the adventures of Edex as he journeys the world.  Your own adventures in Adventure mirror his.
Special Quests
Special Quest Icon
These quests need a requirement to be met before you can receive it.  The rewards for most of them are well worth the effort to complete it.
Candy Quests
Candy Quest Icon
The weekly quest from Candy where she will ask for 2 swords from a random element.  Give the lowest ranked swords you have.  1 of the ways to earn Smith Tokens.

Books IconBooksEdit

Use this to view your Goals, Seals, and your Collections.

Usage of Icons in Books
Name Icon Use
Goals Icon
Used to view the Workshop Goals you still need to complete. Once you have completed every Workshop Goal, this book will go away
Seals Icon
Used to view your Seals, which have 4 parts to each. Fully completing 1 gives you a Divine Metal
Collection Icon
Used to view your Sword Collections.  Completing just 1 sword of any material will show that book.  
Standard Icon
Standard Collection Icon
In Collections, used to view your standard swords, which range from Copper to Chaos Stone.
Master Collection Icon
In Collections, used to view your Master Swords.  There are 7 total pages.
Relic Collection Icon
In Collections, used to view your Artifact Swords.  There are 2 pages.

Other IconsEdit

There are other icons in your workshop that do not have multiple uses, just ways to help you craft or visit your friends.

Usage of other Icons in Workshop
# Icon Name Use
Friends Icon
Friends Used to let you view and visit all of your friends.  Ordered 1st by # of saved swords, 2nd by total EXP
Hammer Icon
Hammers Used to view & look at all of the hammers you own.
Basement Icon
Basement Used to go downstairs and check out yours or someone else's basement.  If the light is on, there is a craft waiting for a hammer.
Return to Main Icon
Basement Icon
Return to Main Used to go back upstairs and return to the main workshop.
Adventure Icon
Adventure Used to let you go off on your Adventures.
Free Gifts Icon
Free Gifts Used to both send gifts & combine the ones you have received.
CP Icon
CP Let's you see your total weekly Crafting Points
Stamina Icon
Stamina Shows your current amount of stamina.  If you put your mouse over it, it'll show current/total.
Find Swords Icon
Find Swords Let's you search for swords that need to be hammered.
Language Icon
Language Let's you flip between Chinese & English
Issue Report Icon
Issue Report Provides info you need to issue a report to the developers.
Message Center Icon
Message Center Used to look at gifts you've received & decide which ones you want today.  20 daily limit
Hammer All Icon
Hammer All This skill allows you to hammer everything on the table with 1 click.
Trade Icon
Trade This lets you view another players swords and offer to trade.  Can only trade same star Rank B swords.