Weekly Quests are, as the name implies, quests that update and change every week on friday.

Weekly Quest

The object is simple enough. You turn in 2 swords of a certain material, and they will give you some material in return, as well as sword dust, experience, and coins.


Turn in 2 swords made out of Tamahagane, at least Rank-C, and receive 2k XP, 10k coins, 2 Sword Dust, and 1 Level 2 Stone.

This may not seem like a good deal, but in reality, it usually is. As you advance higher up in Sword Quest, you must use the rare materials. This is a more profitable and cost effecient way to obtain a higher level stone. To elaborate, Katana is accepted for this quest. They sale for 3k coins each. That is 6k coins for 2. By turning them into this quest instead of selling them, you receive a 4k profit. On top of that, you also receive 1 random Level 2 stone. The cheapest you can receive a Level 2 stone is 4,600(at the lowest price). However, the cost of 2 Tamahagane's is 4,600(at the lowest price). By doing this, the money you spent is the same, however you receive a higher profit, more experience, and almost always save money as well.

Weekly Quest
Sword Type Wanted Lowest Sword Accepted Ore Level Reward

Amount of Ore

Other Reward Sword Dust
Tamahagane Katana 2 2k Exp, 10k Coins 2
Obsidian Obsidian Edge 2 2k Exp, 15k Coins 1
Mithril Cursed Sword 2 1 2k Exp, 15k Coins 2
Adamantite Merciless Beheader 3 2.5k Exp, 25k Coins 3

Dragon Stone

Dragon Slayer 3 2 3k Exp, 22k Coins 1
Fire Stone Flame Sword 3 2 3k Exp, 22k Coins 1
Ice Stone Ice Sword 3 3k Exp, 22k Coins 1
Gold Gold Sword 3 3k Exp, 20k coins 3
Silver Silver Sword 2 2k Exp, 15k Coins 1

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