Very Angry Big Bird Profile

Very Angry Big Bird is the Rare Encounter for the Canyon of Immortality and can even be seen in the bottom left hand corner of the map.

His best(wanted) drop is Gururu, a Pet.

His Rare Traces are  

  1. "You found a giant crimson feather on the ground."
  2. "There are traces of damaged rocks and tree trunks..."
  3. "The entire group is covered by shadow...everyone looks up... You have encountered Very Angry Big Bird!"

Note: If you are Oily, the Fire Damage will cause you to become Burnt.

Note:(1*) Only obtainable once you already have Gururu.

Adventure Info
Name Very Angry Big Bird Location Canyon of Immortality
Health 750 Experience 200
Type Rare Encounter Max Basic Attack 333 Damage
Speed Quick (4 Hands per turns) Possible Effects
Special 1 Anger Management Special 2 Furious Slam
Special 1 Intro "Very Angry Big Bird takes a series of deep breathes!" Special 2 Intro "Oh, you can tell it is very pissed off!"
Special 1 Effect Increase to Attack Power Special 2 Effect 600-666 Fire Damage
LOOT: Cloud Stone LOOT: 3 Cloud Stone(1*)


2 Life Force LOOT: Chicken Steak
LOOT: Panacea LOOT: Gururu (Pet)

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