Undead Dragon Profile

Undead Dragon is the Rare Encounter in the Imperial Tomb.  However, it also appears as a regular enemy in the Dragon Archipelago.  It does not drop loot as a regular enemy.  Perhaps because it doesn't have a nice secluded area to hoard treasures.

Rare traces indications:

1. You discover a pile of giant white bones.

2. The magic circle on the ground is full of necromantic incantations.

3. The magic circle is activated! All of the giant bones begin to assemble together in midair! You have encountered Undead Dragon!

Adventure Info
Name Undead Dragon Location Imperial Tomb & Dragon Archipelago
Health 950 Experience 160
Type Rare Encounter & Regular Enemy Max Basic Attack 300 Damage
Speed Normal Possible Effects Deadly Poisoned, Injured, & - Sword Durability
Special 1 Undead Breath Special 2 Tail Whip
Special 1 Intro "You smell the stinky scent of rotten corpses!" Special 2 Intro "Undead Dragon slowly turns to its side..."
Special 1 Effect Deadly Poisoned Special 2 Effect Injured & -2 Sword Durability
LOOT: 2x Dragon Stone LOOT: 2x Undead Ash
LOOT: 3x Soul Gem LOOT: Iron Chest - Drake Talisman (5/10 Accessory, Dragon Knight Set