Hero Quests ~ Hero Quest #2 -->

Hero -1 Start

Description: "Hello! My name is Edex I saw the blacksmith sign outside and came in. You look like a trustworthy smith. Can you make me a good quality(Rare) sword out of these irons?"


Rank C Iron Sword  (Every sword BUT Iron Sword would work

Hero -1 Finish


"This looks promising! I am going to try it now! Thanks!"


  • 800 EXP
  • 2,000 Coins
  • 1 Level 1 Ore

Alright! You have completed your first Hero Quest. This is the start of a grand journey for both of you. Edex will carry your sword and name to battle, and you will continue to gain skill and prestige. Both from him spreading word of your skill and from the way he pushes you.

Together, the two of you will only continue to become stronger and better.

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