"Greatness starts from small beginnings. Getting a solid foundation is just the first step toward success."

Difficulty - Practice

Stamina Cost to Enter: 1

Elemental Bonus: None

This is the starting zone.  There is only 1 boss.  While there are 2 routes, there is no route breakdown as its pretty straightforward, and the boss is very easy to beat.


0. Doorway

1. Front Yard

Encounter Grandpa

2. Training Dummies

Encounter Grandpa Warrior
Encounter Grandpa Wizard

3. Loose Soil

Rare Trace
Gain 200 Coins
Gain 2x Copper
Gain Kindle Fire
Gain Adventurer Cloak

4. Arch Bridge

"Member trips and falls on the slippery bridge.": -50 HP
"You find yourself feeding the fishes in the pond and you don't even know why.": -1 Stamina
"Member throws 10 coins into the pond and makes a wish.": -10 Coins
"You quickly pass the bridge after making eye contact with a golden koi.": Nothing happens
"You whistle as you walk through the bridge": Nothing happens
"Member falls into the pond": Become Wet

5. Dojo

Encounter Grandpa Warrior
Encounter Grandpa Wizard

6. Bushes

Rare Trace
"Member is cut by the grass!": -20 HP
"A darting knife comes out of no where!": -100 HP
"Grandpa suddenly shouts for you to cut the grass for him.": -1 Stamina
"Your group is being chased by a lot of wasps!": -2 Stamina
"You find some coins in the bush.": Gain 50 Coins
"Member is scared by caterpillars!": Become Scared

7. Storage

Rare Trace
Gain 250 Coins
Gain Bronze
Gain First Aid Kit
Gain Kindle Fire
Gain Bronze Armor

8. Hallway

Encounter Grand Daughter

9. Stove

Encounter Frenzied Grandpa (Boss)


Grandpa 25 Hp 6 Xp 
Grandpa Warrior 30 Hp 8 Xp  
Grandpa Wizard 20 Hp 8 Xp   
Grand Daughter 20 Hp 4 Xp

Rare Enemy:

Grandma(?) 100 Hp 60 Xp
 Can cause Demoralized

  Gain 3x Sword Dust
  Gain Time Hammer
  Gain Wig (2/2 Secondary Armor, Cosplayer Set)
  Gain Lipstick (3/1 Accessory, Cosplayer Set)
  Gain Iron Chest (Kimono 7/1 Main Armor, Cosplayer Set)


Frenzied Grandpa 40 Hp 20 Xp (+180 Xp first time)

  Gain 300 Coins
  Gain Iron
  Gain First Aid Kit
  Gain Kindle Fire
  Gain Wig (2/2 Secondary Armor Cosplayer Set)
  Gain Lipstick (3/1 Accessory, Cosplayer Set)

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