Tiamet's Tear

Tiamat's Tear is the Artifact Sword made with Relic Fusion and the Dragon Stone Rank-A Swords.

Name Tiamat's Tear
Core Piece Tiamat's Soul Orb
Core Location Dragon Archipelago
Monster Drop Tiamat (2nd Boss)
Adventure Store Price 110 Smith Tokens
Dragon Stone Rank-A Swords Sigil of Dragon Command (fusion of 3 Yellow Dragon Sword), Dragon Soul (fusion of 3 Dragonfury), & Bahamut (fusion of 3 Sword of the Dragon King)
Adventure Level 33
Quality Needed 30
Element Unholy
Attack Points (AP) 120
Defense Points (DP) 5
Stars 10 Red Stars
Rank AA
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 200,000
Tiamat's Tear Manga
In the manga page we can see a mother with her children. She seems to be resting.

Another theory is that Tiamat (links to wiki Tiamat, not SQ) is the mom.

Part of Tiamat's lore is that she was the mother of dragons, serpents, and even other monsters (like scorpion men).

As such, it's possible that the lady is Tiamat, and the children around her are the dragonians.  

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