Tiamat's Soul Orb Icon
Tiamat's Soul Orb is a relic piece obtained by defeating Tiamat, the 2nd Boss in Dragon Archipelago. Alternatively, you can purchase it from the Adventure Store for 750 Smith Tokens.

Tiamat's Soul Orb is the core component in the Relic Fusion to create the Artifact Sword, Tiamat's Tear(120 AP & 5 DP, Unholy).

The other pieces you need to create Tiamat's Tear are the 3 Rank-A Dragon Stone Swords; Dragon Soul, Sigil of Dragon Command, and Bahamut. As you can see in the below picture, it will tell you how many correct swords you need.  The below picture shows all 3 swords with a gold border.  That means it is ready to be fused now. (The check mark is also a pretty nice hint).  If it shows a grey border, that Rank A sword is still needed. Hovering your mouse over a grey bordered sword will tell you what Rank B sword it needs.

Successfully fusing the 4 components together over 48 hours will result in your sword.

Tiamat's Soul Orb Text
Tiamat's Soul Orb Swords

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