Thief Hammer

Obtained by:Edit


Steals 1 Rare Material from the target craft. Friend use only


"This magical hammer lets you steal one rare ore from an ongoing craft. Although this hammer is called Thief Hammer, the material is actually gained after a duplication of the material is made. More cost-effective when used on those very rare materials. This hammer cannot duplicate Divine Metal."

Notes: This Hammer only duplicates the stone you hit it with. It does not add anything to the craft, so your friend will not get any Quality boost. Please try to refrain from using this on a Fusion craft.

This hammer costs 10 Smith Tokens, here are some quick tips to ensure you do not waste this hammer.

  • Do not use on any stone you can buy with coins.
  • Do not use on any stone that only costs 2 Smith Tokens. Simple reason being 2 X 5 is 10. You did not get anything from this.
  • Try to only use on stones that cost 3 or 4 Smith Tokens. Again math. 3 x 5 = 15(You saved 5 tokens) and 4 x 5 = 20 (You saved 10 tokens).

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