Temple Key
Temple Key Display

Temple Key is a Rank-A Sword made from Copper.

Name Temple Key
Material Copper
Element Arcane
Fused from 3 Ceremonial Blade
Attack Points (AP) 10
Defense Points (DP) 4
Stars 6
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 3,000
Sword Contest Points 180
Temple Key Manga

In this manga, Kent is delving deep inside a cave and coming across a rather large door. Drawing the Temple Key from his scabbard, he places it in an alcove on the wall, theoretically, to open the door (as per the sword's name). Whether this works or not or what exactly is inside the temple is left unanswered by this manga. Perhaps the answer is hidden inside another page.

*Note: The door seems to be the same found in Cavern of Ancient Ruins.