2,200-2,700 from Black Market

Ore Needed

3 Tamahagane & 1 Steel

Table Space

3 Tables

Crafting Time

3 hours

Fusion Table Space

4 Tables in 2x2

Fusion Time

8 hours

Minimum Fusion Quality


Hammering Experience

+12 Exp

Trophy Bonus

Oriental: +5 Quality

Max Sword Contest Points

873(C48, B65, A210)

Tamahagane is the fifth material available in the shop.  

Trying to make a profit off of Tamahagane is not going to happen if you are relying on the Black Market; and while you could make a profit off of it if you get it from Mysterious Mountain or the Daily Wheels, this isn't a material you make for a profit.

Ways to Obtain:

Chance of Mastery: Mysterious Mountain: Cave of Abandonment(7)

Tamahagane material

Sword ListEdit

  1. Katana
  2. Muramasa
  3. Kotetsu
  4. Kiku-Ichimonji
  5. Shiranui
  6. Masamune
  7. Zero Type

Tamahagane Sword ChartEdit

Tamahagane Sword Chart & Info
Name Rank Star Element Fusion Quest AP DP Sell Price Contest Points EXP
Katana C 4 Candy Quests 8 2 2,500
Muramasa B 5 Unholy Shiranui 12 2 3,000 450
Kotetsu B 5 Earth Masamune 9 5 3,000 450
Kiku-Ichimonji B 5 Wind Zero Type 10 4 3,000 450
Shiranui A 7 Unholy 32 0 18,000 900
Masamune A 7 Holy 24 12 18,000 900
Zero Type A 7 Fire NINJA? 28 6 18,000 900

Master Sword List Tamahagane combined with:

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