Table Slots

Tables are the spaces on the Work Table where Materials can be placed. The number of spaces you have can be increased by spending Smith Tokens.

When you first start out, you only have 4 Table Slots. It is only by fully playing the game are you able to unlock more, and you will need more as the biggest Materials crafts will take 9 slots, and even up to 16 slots for chaos swords. Note:  You used to be able to upgrade up to 14 slots for free through various means, such as quests, leveling up, and paying coins.  The June 18th 2014 patch that increased the amount of Smith Tokens that you can purchase did away with that, however, they kept the table prices the same, so it is still possible for free players to have a full table if they save the Smith Tokens they have obtained from various quests & other sources.

Workshop Cost:

Key Table sizes

  • 9 Tables: 1 divine
  • 11 Tables : 2x Mithrils with 1xSteel
  • 12 Tables: 2xAdamantite, 6xCopper
  • 14 Tables: 3x Mithril or 1 Adamantie and 2x Mithril, or 7xcopper
  • 15 Tables: 5xSteel
  • 16 Tables: 4x Mithril or 8xcopper Required for crafting chaos swords

Basement Table Slots

Each player also has a basement where they can ply their trade. Initially, the basement table has 4 slots available; this can be upgraded using Smith Tokens:

  • 4 Table Slots(required during tutorial):                200 Smith Tokens
  • 6 Table Slots                                       Cost:    500 Smith Tokens
  • 9 Table Slots                                       Cost: 1,200 Smith Tokens
  • 16 Table Slots                                     Cost:  3,000 Smith Tokens
  • Sale Data: 200 (4slots),500(6slots)

Level UP, Table Slot