Hammers are how you make your craft, they are what allow you to do what you need to do.  To be the best Sword Smith, they are what allow you to be so..  but no one but you cares about that!

Swords! Swords! Swords!  It is by the swords you make that you become known.  It is the swords that people carry in battle that drives your name.  Hammers may let you do what you do, but it is the swords that people see.  

Whether you are making copper swords, or divine swords.  A fusion of bronze, or a relic from far off Adventures.  It is the swords for which you are known.  No one has ever said, "That Sword Smith.. he's got great hammers., no idea about his swords, but my god! His hammers!".   Swords!  Make them, fashion them, create them.  It is due to the quality of your swords that people come to you; wherever you may be.  It will be your swords that spreads your name.

Swords are the most important aspect of Swords Quest.  See, it's even the first word in the title of the game.  It is with swords that you complete quests, make money, and outfit yourself in adventures.     There are many different types of swords however.  Not all swords are equal.  Some can be bought in the shop with coin, for others you must pay tokens or hunt the Black Market.  Harder yet, you have swords for which you must go on adventures to find their materials.  Either while hunting in areas, or by taking what you need from an enemies body.    This is where you can find the swords you seek.

Casual Swords - This is where you can find the swords that are made from what you purchase with coins in the Shop.

Dedicated Swords - This is where the Black Market coin bought swords can appear.

Adventure Swords - This is where the swords made from materials obtained from Adventure appear.

Master Swords - These are the swords that require you to have mastery of two different elements to make.

Divine Swords - These swords are token, quest, or seal only.  They are the most expensive ones and hardest to obtain.

Artifact Swords - These are the swords that require an enemies body part to be made.

Swords Index - A listing of every single sword.  You can sort it by different categories.

Elements - A listing of all the swords and items sorted by which element they have AND in the order you can use them in Adventure Mode.  This is specifically to help people when looking for an element for Adventure.