Sword Ranks
Ranks Plaque

Examples of the new Rank icons.

There are currently 8 different ranks in Sword Quest.

  • Rank-D - Normal Swords.
  • Rank-C - Rare Swords.
  • Rank-B - Epic Swords
  • Rank-A - Legendary Swords
  • Rank-S - Divine Swords
  • Rank-SS - God-slaying Swords.
  • Rank-M - Master Swords
  • Rank-AA - Artifacts
  • Rank X - Chaos Swords

While this may seem confusing as to which is which, they are fortunately broken down into 3 different tiers when you look at your sword list.

The first tier on the left is for the Normal and Rares. The normals are the darker color, the rares are the lighter, more blue color.

The second tier is for the Epic and Legendary Swords. The Epics are a silver-ish color, and the Legendaries are the gold fusion swords.

The third tier is the Divine, God-slaying Swords, Master & Artifacts. Just like the 2nd tier, the ones on the left are the basic Divine Metal crafts and the ones on the right are the fusion products. One thing to note is that not only are they 10 star swords, but the stars are all red.

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