Sword Essencepic
Sword Essence is made through the combination of 10 Sword Dusts . It is a non-hammering craft that always succeeds, and takes one hour.

Using sword essence you can:

Combine two Rank C Swords into a Rank B sword using one Sword Essence

Use one to three Sword Essence's in Advanced Crafting to create a Master Sword.

Ways to Obtain:

Something to think about.

  • Total # of Sword Essences needed for Tier 1 Master Swords: 21 ;;Total # of Swords: 21
  • Total # of Sword Essences needed for Tier 2 Master Swords: 68 ;;Total # of Swords: 34
  • Total # of Sword Essences needed for Tier 3 Master Swords: 69 ;;Total # of Swords: 23
  • Total # of Sword Essencesneeded for all Master Swords ===158.   Sword Dusts: 1,580

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