Star's Demise
Star's Demise Display
Star's Demise is the God-Slaying Divine Sword fused from Dimensional Blade.
Name Star's Demise
Material 1 Divine Metal
Material 2 Meteorite
Element - - - - - - -
Fused from 3 Dimensional Blade
Attack Points (AP) 47
Defense Points (DP) 7
Stars 10
Rank SS
Sell Price(Sword Coins) 512,000
Sword Contest Points 750
Star's Demise Manga

There is some debate on if this is a star or a planet.  Either way something in the cosmos met it's end.

Note: Our sun is a star.. and it's not even close to being the biggest one.. it's just considered an average size one.  One of the largest stars is 700 times bigger than the sun)

If this is a star, it is possible that this is a white dwarf star undergoing a Type Ia supernova.

If so, a very short version is that the white dwarf's gravity pulls in enough outside material in that the weight exceeds what it can support.  However rather than collapsing under that weight, the increase in pressure & density causes the core temperature to rise.  So, it's not like the straw that broke the camels back, instead they happen together.  Pressure gets bigger & the temp does too.

At this point, the higher temperature from the core is shuffled around the star moving about, and at some point an actual flame catches with this hot temperature moving around, maybe by carbon fusion.  At this point, oxygen fusion starts and the temperature of the white dwarf really takes off.  The white dwarf is unable to regulate this temperature, and the carbon & oxygen burn/fuse into heavier elements, which again raise the internal temperature billions of degrees.  At some point., BOOM.  The star explodes.  

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