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Special Quests are quests that unlike other quests, do not tell you what is needed to fulfill them. Their rewards are usually very high, but require a lot of experimentation to solve (unless, of course, you're using this wiki).

Clues to the solution of many of these quests can actually be found in the mangas unlocked for saving that particular sword to your collection. For instance, the Assassin from "Voices of the night" is shown wielding the sword required to solve that quest in that sword's manga. So, if you wish to figure it out yourself.., this is not the place for you. This is to help you get it completed as quickly and easily as you can.

Special Quests

Special Quests Info
Quest Name Sword Required Trigger Best Reward
Ancient Guardian Colossus Blade Level 2 Mastery: Hyper Steel MA 1 Divine Metal
Becoming The Storm Akatsuki-Arashi Level 2 Mastery: Cloud Stone Divine Metal
Claiming Dragon Control Sigil of Dragon Command Save 5 Swords into Dragon Stone Collection 1 Divine Metal
Familiar Stranger Absolute Zero or Obliteration Level 1 Mastery: Ice Stone Absolute Hammer
Freezing Breeze Tear of the Goddess Save 5 Swords into Ice Stone Collection 1 Divine Metal
Helpful Stalker Hellfire or Skyfire Level 1 Mastery: Fire Stone Inferno Hammer
Legend in The Making Musou (Adamantite) Level 2 Mastery: Adamantite 1 Divine Metal
Master of Fire and Sword Sword of the Fire God Complete the Fire Stone Collection 3 Divine Metals
Mission Absolutely Impossible Phoenix Craft 80 different swords 1 Divine Metal
Nature's Great Ritual Isiris Level 2 Mastery: Mithril 6 Sacred Stones
NINJA? Zero Type Save 5 Tamahagane swords into your Collection 10 Diamonds
Quest for Eternity Nieves Save Eternity Time Hammer
Saving The Sick Cell Divider Save 5 Obsidian swords into your Collection 6 Sacred Stones
The Deman Empress Hades Save 3 Demon Stone swords into your Collection 1 Divine Metal
The Legend of Icewind Ice Lone Level 2 Mastery: Ice Stone 5 Divine Metals
The Richest Man's Request The Gold Cannon Earn 1,000,000 coins over time 100,000 Coins

30 Tokens

Voices of the Night Nightingale Completing ? # of epic swords Demon Hammer
Will of the Blade-Master Maple Craft 5 different swords from Cloud Stone 50 Tokens