Soul Hammer

The Soul Hammer is a unique hammer in that it can be used to shorten the crafting time and add bonus quality ON TOP of your regular hammering. It does this by using up 1 of its 30(default amount, but can be increased) Soul Infusion charges.

It is easy to recharge the Soul Hammer, however each charge requires either 6 Soul Shards, or 6 Soul Gems.    If you completely use up your charges, it would take 180 of the above materials. 10 charges, then 60 of the above materials.

2 other things set this hammer apart from the others.

1 is that you can use it over and over again.  For every single use, the time will drop by 30 minutes, so you could potentially shorten a craft by 15 hours by using all 30 charges. However, the maximum quality that the Soul Hammer can increase a craft by is 3 hits, or 3x the quality gained per hit.

Soul Hammer quality increase

The other difference is that you can upgrade this hammer, and it doesn't require a quest to do so, and it can be upgraded 3 times.

The 3 higher forms of the Soul Hammer are:

Note*  Upgrading your Soul Hammer to Soul Harvester will NOT refill the charges.  It will only uprade your hammer, so if you have 23 charges on your Soul Hammer when you upgrade, it will be 23 on your Soul Harvester.


-30 mins to crafting time, while increasing Quality by 3. Maximum Quality is 9.

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