Soul Gem

Soul gem is an Adventure material that is found in the higher areas of Adventure, starting in Flaming Volcano

It is the higher level equivalent to Soul Shard, and as such replaces Soul Shards in the crafting of the top 3 Adventure Materials; Undead Ash, Life Force, and Alien Cell.   10 Soul Gems are needed to create 1 Soul Forge, which is needed to create the Rank-A fusion swords of the above 3 materials.

You can also use 6 Soul Gems to recharge 1 use of the Soul Hammer and its consequent upgraded versions.

You can randomly obtain Soul Gem from the following locations:

  • Flaming Volcano: Ifrit(2nd Boss)
  • Polar Glacier: Beauty Under the Moon(2nd Boss), Doom Beast(3rd Boss)
  • Imperial Tomb: Incineration Site(#4 on the map), Underground Secret Chamber(#7), Undead Dragon(Rare Enemy), Eternal Life Form(1st Boss), Undead King(3rd Boss)
  • Canyon of Immortality: Spiritual Vein(#4 on the map), Water Spring of Tranquility(#7), Monument of Souls(#15), Ascended Immortal(1st Boss), Shura(2nd Boss)
  • Dragon Archipelago: Buried Treasure(#4 on the map), Primitive Dragon Stone(#7), Dragonian(Rare Enemy), Kaiser Dragon(1st Boss), Tiamat(2nd Boss)
  • Abyssal Sea: Forlorn Monastery(#4 on the map), Shrine of the Sea Ruler(#7), Will-devouring Tree(#11), Kraken(1st Boss), Leviathan(2nd Boss), Abyssal Nightmare(3rd Boss)
  • Impact Site: Shattered Meteor(#8 on the map), Nutrient Storage(#14), Grandmother(1st Boss), Ender(2nd Boss), Manhunter(3rd Boss)
  • Hellgate: Graveyard of Braves(#4 on the map), Village of Demonic Weaponary(#7), Sunless Hill(#9), Deman Lord(1st Boss), Majin(2nd Boss), Deman of Thousand Swords(3rd Boss)
  • Skyland: Shining Cliff(#3 on the map), Pool of Angelic Feathers(#6), Training Post(#10), Mental Training Ground(#13 on the map), Six Winged Angel, Divine Dragon, Guardian
  • Pandemonium: Gargoyle's Hidden Stash(#4 on the map), Hidden Stairway(#7), Calamity Furnace(#13), Death(1st Boss), Sin (2nd Boss), Apocalypse (3rd Boss)

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