Smith Tokens Purchase
Smith Token

Smith tokens are the other currency used in Sword Quest. There are several different ways to get Smith Tokens.  You get them when you level up.  You can earn them from completing Goals, especially in Adventure.  You can get them from Special Quests, and from the Daily Raffle and from the Prize Raffle.  You will also receive them from Candy Quests.

The June 18th, 2014 patch added Smith Tokens to Special & Candy Quests, but it also did something else.   It increased the then prices of items by approx 80%, however, the players who had tokens received 10X what they had.  This means, that while they increased the amount of tokens, they have actually made things cheaper in game.  This is also furthered by the amount you can now purchase.  You now receive more per purchase.  This is fortunate because they also changed the Decors.  Previously, only Special decors required tokens.  Now, all decors require tokens to complete a set.  So, the June 18th patch was both fortunate & unfortunate for both new & veteran players.  Now that you know how Smith Tokens have changed in the game, lets see how much of a bonus you receive for the higher purchases(since the table doesn't tell you), so you can better decide which purchase to make.

Package Bonuses Table for NA players.
ST # $Price Token Bonus from lower # Coin # $Price Coin Bonus from lower #
14,000 99.99 7.7% 1,400,000 99.99 7.7%
6,500 49.99 30% 650,000 49.99 30%
2,500 19.98 4.2% 250,000 19.98 4.2%
1,200 9.99 20% 120,000 9.99 20%
500 4.99 Base 50,000 4.99 Base

Thoughts:  First off, those numbers only looked at the token jumps.  One thing to consider is the price, which while for most of them is double, for the middle slot, it goes from 20 to 50.  This is an increase of 250%.  Which is why the 50 dollar purchase seems like such a great deal.  Well, you paid more.  That said, it's still a great buy.  The 100 dollar & 20 dollar purchases are the ones don't really offer you much more for paying more.  The 10 & 50 dollar purchase are the ones that if your going to buy, I'd recommend them.

From another standpoint.. 10X5=50.  1,200*5= 6,000.  So only 500 bonus tokens for jumping up to 50.  But from 20.. 20*2.5=50.  2,500*2.5=6,250..  So yeah.  Just not a big jump there.  Perhaps it's something they'll look at in the future, but still.  The 10 or 50 are the best.

If your looking to do a 1 time purchase on occasion., probably 50.  If you'll be supporting the game.. monthly.. bi-weekly.  I'd prob say 10.  That's a decent amount and provdes the better bang for the buck.

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