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Hero Q 28 S

Received at start: 3 Adamantite & 1 Hyper Steel MA


"The control link has been broken and all the lesser drakes are free from Tiamat's control. It's time for the final battle in this war against dragons. My sword was broken in the previous fight with the grand mother dragon. To bring down Tiamat, I will need a sword of the same magnitude. Once again, I am counting on you.

Sword Required:Edit

Any Rank 9-Star Sword(A or S).  However, per the Manga, the easiest sword to make is actually 8-Star Heldon.

Hero Q 28 F


"Do you know what people out there call me now? Everyone is calling me a hero, but I think you are the true hero. Without you, nothing would have been possible. Please take this. It's a gift for you that I have been preparing for quite a while."


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