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Hero 25 Start

Recieved at Start: 3 Fire Stones


"I put the red master dragon out of its misery fairly easily thanks to your crazy sword. I don't think it felt much pain at all with my iceblade numbing its neural system. My next target is the blue master dragon. It would be suicidal if I use this sword against it. Can you make me a fiery sword this time? It needs the strength to kill a master dragon... er I guess I didn't need to remind you that. Your swords are always the best!"

Sword Required:Edit

Any Rank-A Fire Stone Sword.

H Quest 25 F


"Ahhhhh!! I just burned my fingernails! How did you manage to craft something like this anyways? You are crazy!"


  • 10,000 EXP
  • 30,000 GOLD
  • 3x RARE ORE lvl.3

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