Sirisi is the Artifact Sword made with Relic Fusion and the 3 Mithril Rank-A Swords.

Name Sirisi
Core Piece Flask of Rejuvenation
Core Location Canyon of Immortality
Boss Drop Ascended Immortal(1st Boss)
Adventure Store Price 90 Smith Tokens
Mithril Rank-A Swords Spellvoid, Excaliber, & Isiris
Adventure Level 23
Quality Needed 30
Element Earth
Attack Points (AP) 60
Defense Points (DP) 45
Stars 10 Red Stars
Rank AA
Sell Price 180,000


Like all Relics, this one comes with one page of manga

In The Manga Page We Can See An Unknown Adventurer Climb The Mountain For Get The Flask of Rejuvenation, Did The Unknown Adventure Fall From The Mountain? Or Get The Flask Of Rejuvenation? Who knows, but I am sure he is The Ascended Immortal.

We can surmise that the person climbing the mountain is the Ascended Immortal by a few things.

1.  The flask of rejuvenation appears to be at the top of the mountain, 2., which is where you fight him at, and 3.  They have the same hair.

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