Shura Profile

Shura is the 2nd Boss in the Canyon of Immortality.

Remember, if you are Wet, the Frost Attack can cause Frostbitten.

His main loot is the Adamantite Relic Core; Avenger's Ashes.

Shura's Adventure Info
Name Shura Location Canyon of Immortality (Waterfall of Abjuration)
Health 1,700 Experience 175 (15,000 1st Time)
Type Boss (2nd) Max Basic Attack 520
Speed Quick Possible Effects Counterattack & Frostbitten*
Special 1 Eye for an Eye Special 2 End of Cycle
Special 1 Effect Counterattack ? Damage Special 2 Effect 930-970 Frost Damage
Special 1 Intro "Shura watches you with a terrifying gaze!" Special 2 Intro "You swear you saw water flow backwards for a moment!"
LOOT: 650 Coins LOOT: Life Force
LOOT: Soul Gem LOOT: Sword Dust
LOOT: Omamori LOOT: Demonic Runestone (10/5 Accessory)
LOOT: Mysterious Chest - Avenger's Ashes (Adamantite Relic Core)

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