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Secret Scroll of Blades is a relic piece obtained as a rare drop from the Wanderer, the 3rd Boss at Mysterious Mountain.  Alternatively, you can purchase it from the Adventure Shop for 400 Smith Tokens once you have 3-Star Mastery in the Mysterious Mountain

You also obtain 1 from Heroine Quest 16.

The Secret Scroll of Blades is the core component in the Relic Fusion to create the Artifact Sword, Nameless(80 AP & 10 DP, Wind Element).

The other pieces you need to create Nameless are the 3 Rank-A Tamahagane Swords; Shiranui, Zero Type, Masamune.   As you can see in the below picture, it will tell you how many correct swords you have. The below picture has none with a gold border, so it still needs all 3 Rank-A swords.

Successfully fusing the 4 components together for 36 hours will result in your sword.

Tamahagane Relic - Copy
Secret Scroll of Blades Text
Secret scroll requirement

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