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Hero Q 36 S

Received at Start: Nothing


"We have succeeded in pushing back the demonic force. Now we need a medium to seal the gate. The medium has to be extremely strong and sacred in nature. Can you help us?"

Sword Required:Edit

A Holy Rank S Sword.  Gen Masamune ([DM & Tama), Demonbane (DM & Silver), or Sword of Divinity(DM & Sacred) will work.  The first two are suggested as Tama & Silver are cheaper.

Hero Q 36 F


"This is just the medium we need for the seal... You do realize that your saving the world with the work you are doing here right? I bet you don't, because I know you have always devoted in your dream and not care about fame nor glory, like a true hero. I have always admired the enthusiasm you have shown in your work. In all this time, if you have failed me once, it wouldn't be the same now. It's clear to me now that we all have our paths to take. My path ahead, is indeed, my destiny."


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