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Scared is the Status Effect of where you are.. scared.  Being scared you are no longer able to hold your sword correctly due to your trembling hands, and you possibly are hyperventilating thus, not breathing properly.  As such, you incur a penalty of -25% to your Attack Power and -10% to your HP.
Scared Text

Other than using Heal Orbs to cure yourself, the only other way to no longer be scared is to use the Omamori which will help remind you of just how awesome you are, and will steady your nerves & breathing.

As a Status Effect, this one's effectiveness depends on your strength compared to your target.  If your trying a new boss for the first time and are unsure of if you'll win.  Better safe than sorry and you should cure it.  If your just farming areas, or doing Bounty Quests, you can use your own judgment on if you can ignore it or not.

The following locations, enemies, and bosses can cause you to become Scared.

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