Saving The Sick


Save 5 swords from Obsidian into your collection.


"The plague in the south is out of control! I am approaching the end of my research on the specific virus that is causing the breakout. The problem is that I lack the tool to complete the final step of this research! This tool needs to be extremely sharp and thin at its tip! That`s why I am here asking you to kindly provide one such tool, to be used as my special scalpel. Please make haste! A lot of innocent lives are being taken right as we speak!"

Sword Required:Edit

Cell Divider - Fuse 3 Precision Blade

Saving Q F



"Wow! The tip is so thin I cannot even see it with my eyes! Hey! Of course I have a perfect sight! Hah! Thank you! You have done your part! Now I will finish the rest of the work! I will not disappoint you nor my patients!

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