Rouxinol is a 7-star, Rank A legendary sword made from Aço. It can be created through fusion with three Sombra . It sales for 14,500.


20 AP & 0 DP

Like all legendary swords, the Nightingale has a page of manga that can be viewed after saving the blade to your collection. In this scene, we start right away seeing what looks like three slashes of red light, followed by the Nightengale blurred, likely from moving at incredible speeds. We then see the wielder, surrounded by a whirling blur and wearing a hood, standing behind three figures. Afterward, the three seem to manifest the three slashes in a delayed reaction, one apiece, and blood sprays everywhere. The wielder stands, looking back at them, Nightingale in-hand. The wielder is, in fact, the same person who requests you make him the 'perfect assassin's blade' in Special Quest Voices of the Night. Which brings up an interesting thought: because of this, the player could very well be partially responsible for the deaths of those knights, whoever they are. Whether or not this will actually play into anything in the future is as of yet unknown.


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