Prehistoric Vow
Prehistoric Vow Display

Prehistoric Vow is a Rank-A Sword made from Copper.

Name Prehistoric Vow
Material Copper
Element Earth
Fused from 3 Ancient Sword
Attack Points (AP) 11
Defense Points (DP) 3
Stars 6
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 3,000
Contest Points 180
Prehistoric Vow Manga

On this page, we discover a mage arriving at a stone monolith in the middle of a snowstorm. Using magic, the spellcaster unearths the Prehistoric Vow from the stone. How the mage knew a sword would be there is unknown, but upon further inspection, the mage is carrying an empty sheath, which could be hinting at the fact that the sword belongs to this figure, who hid it there for unknown reasons. Alternatively, the spellcaster could have been informed of the blade's presence, and simply came prepared. 

Another theory is that the Prehistoric Vow is a sword crafted only for that man. The man knows the location, how to get it and the right spell to extract it. The purpose of that sword is a mystery.

It may be noted that the man in this manga is the same person as the 3rd Boss at Mysterious Mountain, the Wanderer, Also appears in in EternityNieves, and in the Nameless mangas.

The bottommost portion of the manga is featured in the opening sequence of the game for new players.