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Poisoned is the Status Effect of where you are.. poisoned.   Something in the air, the water, the food, the envinroment has hit you and is making you weaker.  With each round in battle you struggle, and each step drags a little further.  Thus, with each round, you lose 1% of your HP and moving between every Node will cost you another 5% of your HP.

Poisoned Text

Other than using the Heal Orbs to cure yourself, the only other way to stop being poisoned is to use the Antidote to purify whatever has stricken you.

As a Status Effect, this is probably the least harmful one of all.   What determines the efficacy of this is how far you are from your final destination and how quickly you can dispatch your foes.  Still, this one is mostly ignorable.

The following locations, enemies, and bosses can cause you to become Poisoned.

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