Phoenix Display

Phoenix is a Rank A Sword made from Fire Stone.  It is also the requested sword for the Special Quest: Mission Absolutely Impossible

Name Phoenix
Material Fire Stone
Element Fire
Fused from 3 Suzaku
Attack Points (AP) 20
Defense Points (DP) 24
Stars 8
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 42,000
Sword Contest Points 240
Phoenix Manga

Phoenix can represent a lot of different things, however based on the manga, and special quest, it is most likely based on the Greek version of the phoenix.  To find more information, click here In the manga, you can see a man jumping from outcropping to outcropping avoiding what appears to be lava underneath him.

Finally he reaches solid ground in the middle when he sees what he has been searching for.

The Phoenix, in the middle of this intense heat, with steam coming off of it.

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