The Pantheon is the 18th decor set you can buy and by far the most expensive. It is based on the real Pantheon in Rome.  The Pantheon is a brilliant gold room that looks to be either in space viewing the earth or on top of an extremely tall mountain.  Only one who is planning on doing divine fusion should buy this set.. or if you are the type of player who must absolutely have everything.

Pantheon Set
Piece Cost Exp
Workshop 600,000 Coins ?
Chest 400,000 Coins ?
Bookshelf 350,000 Coins ?
Tables 2,400 Smith Tokens ?
Background 1,000,000 ?
House 4,000 Smith Tokens ?
Trophy 3,000,000 Coins ?
Total: ? ?

Trophy Bonus: +5 Quality for Divine MetalEdit