Orc Chieftain Profile

Orc Chieftain is the 1st boss at the Orc Camp.

Like some bosses, you can see him wearing some Equipment from Adventure.

In this case, the Chieftain's Necklace, a 3/3 Acc.

For the curious, his weapon is a morning star.  For more info, click here

Adventure Info
Name Orc Chieftain Location Orc Camp (Chieftain's Tent)
Health 180 Experience 40 (800 1st Time)
Type Boss 1st Max Basic Attack 80
Speed Normal Possible Effects
Special 1 Last Stand Special 2 Bone Cracker
Special 1 Intro "Orc Chieftain is showing the determination to fight to the very end!" Special 2 Intro "Orc Chieftain picks up his morning star!"
Special 1 Effect Increase Damage Special 2 Effect 120-160 Damage
LOOT: 450 Coins LOOT: Orc Steel
LOOT: Soul Shard LOOT: 2x Soul Shard
LOOT: Friend Hammer LOOT: Chieftain's Necklace (3/3, Accessory)
LOOT: Iron Chest (Orc Elite Armor 4/6, Main)