2400-2700 from Black Market

Ore Needed

3 Obsidian & 1 Steel

Table Space

3 Tables

Crafting Time

3 hours

Fusion Table Space

4 Tables in 2x2

Fusion Time

8 hours

Minimum Fusion Quality


Hammering Experience

+12 Exp

Trophy Bonus

Island: +5 Quality

Max Sword Contest Points

873(C48, B65, A210)

Obsidian is the seventh material available in the shop. It can be obtained from various sources as mentioned below.

Ways to Obtain:

Ways to Obtain Mastery:

Obsidian material


Sword ListEdit

  1. Obsidian Edge
  2. Zhanmadao
  3. Armor Breaker
  4. Precision Blade
  5. Fleet Slicer
  6. The Black Blade
  7. Cell Divider

Obsidian Sword ChartEdit

Obsidian Sword Chart & Info
Name Rank Star Element Fusion Quest A DP Sell Price
Obsidian Edge C 4 9 1 2,500
Zhanmadao B 5 Earth Fleet Slicer 12 2 3,000
Armor Breaker B 5 Earth The Black Blade 11 3 3,000
Precision Blade B 5 Water Cell Divider 13 1 3,000
Fleet Slicer A 7 Earth 30 4 18,000
The Black Blade A 7 Earth 26 10 18,000
Cell Divider A 7 Water 32 0 18,000

Master Sword ListEdit

Obsidian master

Obsidian combined with:

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