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Obliteration Display

Obliteration is a Rank A Sword made from Ice Stone

Name Obliteration
Material Ice Stone
Element Frost
Fused from 3 Black Snow
Attack Points (AP) 43
Defense Points (DP) 5
Stars 8
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 42,000
Sword Contest Points 240
Obliteration Manga

In this manga, you see two swordsmen looking at each other. The one in green is carrying Obliteration across his back. In the next panel, you get a better look at the other swordsman. He also has a sword. Though you can only see the handle of it, it is most likely "Ice Lone" as the wielder is the same in the manga, and the hilt looks to be the same.

After this, it is hard to make sense of what happens.

The middle left image shows a small flash by the blond haired mans head. This is used to show either a quick insight, understanding, or realization that something is happening, or has happened. The sword had disappeared!

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