Nameless is the sword made from Relic Fusion and the 3 Rank-A Tamahagane Swords. 
Nameless on display

Nameless on display

Name Nameless
Core Piece Secret Scroll of Blades
Core Location Mysterious Mountain
Monster Drop Wanderer(3rd Boss)
Adventure Store Price 60 Smith Tokens
Tamahagane Rank-A Swords Shiranui, Zero Type, & Masamune
Adventure Level 23
Fusion Quality 30
Element Wind
Attack Points (AP) 80
Defense Points (DP) 10
Stars 10 Red Stars
Rank AA
Sell Price (Coins) 150,000

Nameless manga

Nameless Manga

The manga page shows the Wanderer on a battle field. In the bottom left corner there is a trail of blood flying, possibly from one of his enemies or even himself.

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