Manafury Display

Manafury is a Rank-A Sword made from Bronze

Name Manafury
Material Bronze
Element Arcane
Fused from 3 Mageblade
Attack Points (AP) 16
Defense Points (DP) 4
Stars 6
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 4,500
Sword Contest Points 180
Manafury Manga


In this scene, we see the Manafury placed in the ground before a robed figure. The sword seems to be emitting some kind of white energy. In the next panel, we get a closer look of said robed figure, who seems to be channeling said energy into a single mass in his hand. From this, we can assume he is familiar with utilizing magical power and is therefore a mage. The green-haired mage then seems to cast a spell with the power he now holds, which creates a gigantic whirlwind in the final panel, much to the surprise of another, blonde-haired figure (perhaps Edex). The circumstances of this scene are left unknown. Whether the mage was showing off to the other adventurer or if said adventurer brought the blade to him to see what it was capable of is not certain at this time.