Lunar Grace
Lunar Grace is the Artifact Sword made with Relic Fusion and the Ice Stone Rank-A Swords.

NOTE: Cold and Frozen status will give a +3, +5 boost to quality. Check out Fire and Ice Stone for more.

Name Lunar Grace
Core Piece Frozen Crystal Earrings
Core Location Polar Glacier
Monster Drop Beauty Under the Moon(2nd Boss)
Adventure Store Price 70 Smith Tokens
Ice Stone Rank-A Swords Tear of the Goddess, Absolute Zero, & Obliteration
Adventure Level 23
Quality Needed 30
Element Frost
Attack Points (AP) 90
Defense Points (DP) 14
Stars 10 Red Stars
Rank AA
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 175,000
Lunar Grace Manga

Note:  The lady in the picture is wearing the Frozen Crystal Earrings, the same item you get from Beauty Under the Moon to create this sword.  This is most likely another artistic rendition of Beauty Under the Moon.  As they both wear the earrings and have similar attire "on".

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