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Lionheart is a Rank A Sword fused from Adamantite.

Name Lionheart
Material Adamantite
Element Earth
Fused from 3 King's Sword
Attack Points (AP) 35
Defense Points (DP) 8
Stars 8
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 40,000
Sword Contest Points 240
Lionheart Manga

At the base of the huge tree, two men meet.  Next you can see the Emperor and Ilec.  Were they arguing? Is 1 waiting for the other?

The last panel shows the Emperor laughing? mocking? some type of emtion while holding the Lionheart.

His pupils seem to be glossed over, or perhaps temprorarily gone, so who knows what has led to these events, or what will transpire next.

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