Lich's Lament New
Lich's Lament Display

Lich's Lament is a Rank A sword made from Mystic Orb

Name Lich's Lament
Material Mystic Orb
Element Frost
Fused from 3 Black Magic Amplifier
Attack Points (AP) 40
Defense Points (DP) 12
Stars 8
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 40,000
Sword Contest Points 240
Lich's Lament Manga

Lich's Lament goes with Spellstorm's Manga. However, there are two ways to view this encounter.

1. The Lich attacked first, and she defended & beat him.

2. She attacked first. The Lich being undead and a mage, only appeared to be dead, and then won when she turned her back.

How you decide to see what happens is up to you.

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