Legendary Workshop Decor

Legendary Workshop is the 15th decor set you can buy.  This workshop puts you into a Legendary Setting to help you do Legendary things.  As you may notice, there are a few sword related designs lying about.  The far corner appears to be an sword that is upside down., the fireplace mantle is the hilt of a sword, and there is a framed picture of a sword above the bookshelf.    Even the table has a sword design.


  • Workshop:    45,000
  • Chest:           35,000
  • Bookshelf:     25,000
  • Tables:          90,000
  • Background:  75,000
  • House:         125,000
  • Trophy:         80,000

Total Cost:  475,000Edit

Legendary Trophy

Trophy Bonus: +5 Quality to Hyper Steel MAEdit

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