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Received at start: 35,000 Coins

Hero Q 30 S


"The sword you made for the grand marshal made our first general very jealous. So he asked me to ask you to make a sword for him. I refused at first but he almost cried begging me. I told them this is the last indirect request I am going to take for others. So can you help this poor old fellow? He will probably hug your sword into his grave..."

Sword Required:Edit

Any 8-Star Sword.  cheapest Rank-A Swords are either Adamantite, Beast Crystal, or Mystic Orb depending on what you have.  Or a Rank-B Alien Cell sword will work.

Hero Q 30 F


"I guess I will never be able to comprehend how you are able to craft so many different great swords. Maybe your brain is three times larger than mine?"


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