Ice Hammer

The Ice Hammer is the second hammer that changes the temperature of your swordcraft. An ugraded version, Absolute Hammer, is available upon completion a the special quest, Familiar Stranger.

It is strongly recommended that players use the magnifying glass function to look at the swordcrafts prior to striking it with any type of hammer. The magnifying glass function provides the player with information on the swordcraft: temperature, amount of cp and who has used a fire or ice hammer. The use of an ice hammer is denoted by a number in blue to the right of a players name. The number increases by 1 for each time an ice hammer is used by the player on a particular swordcraft.

Since hammer strikes add heat by 1 degree each strike and 2 degrees for a critcal strike, ice hammers are often used on tables that see a lot of hammering. Swordcrafts will cool automatically 2 degrees per hour if the temperature is 24 degrees or less. Once the temperature reaches 25 degrees, then the swordcraft will heat 2 degrees per hour until it reaches 45 degrees (burnt). While overheating is not an issue for firestone crafts, it can be for all other materials. Ice hammers are used to cool the temperature of a swordcraft to help prevent overheating temperature penalties from being applied to the sword. Once a temperature penalty is applied it will not be removed by cooling it below the temperature it is applied.

Example: If a swordcraft reaches 35 degrees, then a -10 to quality will be applied to it. Subsequent cooling below 35 degrees will not remove the -10 to quality.

Though using the Ice Hammer multiple times to bring the temperature down to 24 degrees or less can prevent it from reaching 45 degrees and having another -10 quality penalty from being applied to the swordcraft. Once a swordcraft is cooled to 24 degrees or less, then the automatic cooling will take effect as long as no additional hammering occurs.

Besides cooling overheating swordcrafts, another popular use is to quickly cool the temperature to 0 for icestone crafts. If the right amount of cp hammering and cooling is applied to icestone crafts, then quality bonuses of +1 and +3 can be achieved at -10 and -20 degrees, respectively.

After being used, the Ice Hammer subtracts 5 degrees from the temperature of a swordcraft and has a recharge rate of 30 minutes. An Ice Hammer can not cool below 0 degrees, only time alone at the rate of 2 degrees per hour will cool a swordcraft below 0 degrees.

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