Hyper Steel MA


10,000 coins from Shop

Ore Needed

1 Hyper Steel MA

Table Space

9 Tables in 3x3

Crafting Time

8 hours

Fusion Table Space

9 Tables in 3x3

Fusion Time

14 hours

Minimum Fusion Quality


Hammering Experience

+32 Exp

Trophy Bonus

Legendary Workshop: +5 Quality

Max Sword Contest Points

1,349(D50, C72, B91, A270)

Hyper Steel MA is the 18th material available in the shop. Hyper Steel MA is unlocked at level 30 and is a common ore. As a common ore, Hyper Steel MA has 10 swords in its collection; 1 Rank D Sword, and 3 different Rank C, B, & A swords. Hyper Steel MA is used as a combination material for level 4 rares Demon Stone, Sacred Stone Hyper Steel MA is also the only common ore that Divine Metal can be combined with as part of the Divine Collection.

Although you will always get a profit from crafting with normal ores, making Hyper Steel MA for coin purposes will not compare with the likes of Copper. The crafting time and fusing times are just too long to compete with the quick profit found in copper, as the Rank B Swords for Copper can net you around 1k Profit in an hour with 2 table slots, and the Hyper Steel MA Rank B Swords can net you a Profit of around 8K for 10 hours and 9 table slots.

Craft Hyper Steel MA for completing quests, collection pages.

Note:  The MA stands for "Mithril Adamantite".

Ways to Obtain:

  • Shop Price: 10,000 Coins
  • Random Chance at Locations:

Hyper Aço MA

Hyper Steel MA

Sword ListEdit

  1. The Strongest Sword
  2. Sword of the Azure Sky
  3. Shura
  4. Chaos Blade
  5. Titan Sword
  6. Legendary Sword
  7. Warmaster Sword
  8. Destiny
  9. Colossus Blade
  10. Warmourn

Hyper Steel MA SwordsEdit

Sword Chart & Info
Name Rank Star Element Fusion Quest Attack Power Defense Power Sell Price Contest Points EXP
The Strongest Sword D 5 12 2 11,000 50 800
Sword of the Azure Sky C 6 14 5 12,000 72 1,000
Shura C 6 18 0 12,000 72 1,000
Chaos Blade C 6 16 3 12,000 72 1,000
Legendary Sword B 7 Destiny 20 6 13,000 90 1,200
Titan Sword B 7 Earth Colossus Blade 10 14 13,000 90 1,200
Warmaster Sword B 7 Warmourn 22 4 13,000 90 1,200
Destiny A 9 55 10 70,000 270
Colossus Blade A 9 Earth Ancient Guardian 26 32 70,000 270
Warmourn A 9 58 4 70,000 270

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