Heroic Route is where you enter 1 of the Adventure Locations under different circumstances.  It costs more to enter, is more challenging, and there are some equipment that can only be obtained in Heroic Routes.

You get 1 free entry to a Heroic Route per day, however this is for all locations.  Not once per location. 1 VERY IMPORTANT thing to remember.  The # of enemies. Before entering your Heroic Route, be sure that you have enough durability to see you through to the end.  Once you exit, complete or not, your free turn has been used up.

Note:  If you retreat, you will be given a chance at your current chest ranking.  So if you retreat at Chest B, then that is the chest you will receive.

Heroic Locations
Location Unlocked Stamina Cost # of Enemies Re-entry Cost
H Mysterious Mountain Heroine Quest 17 3 13 60 Smith Tokens
H Cavern of Ancient Ruins Heroine Quest 25 4 13 60 Smith Tokens
H Orc Camp Heroine Quest 27 4 13 60 Smith Tokens
H Mage Tower Heroine Quest 36 5 13 60 Smith Tokens
H Cursed Forest Heroine Quest 37 5 13 60 Smith Tokens
H Polar Glacier Heroine Quest 42 6 13 60 Smith Tokens
H Flaming Volcano Heroine Quest 43 6 13 60 Smith Tokens
H Imperial Tomb Heroine Quest 49 7 13 60 Smith Tokens
H Canyon of Immortality Heroine Quest 53 7 13 60 Smith Tokens
H Abyssal Sea Heroine Quest 58 8 13 60 Smith Tokens
H Dragon Archipelago Coming Soon 8 13 60 Smith Tokens

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