Hell Decor

Unlocked at level 36, Hell is the 17th Decor set you can buy.  As you can see, it puts you down in what appears to be hell.. or at least someplace very very deep.  There is a river of lava, perhaps the river Styx, flowing by.  There are souls wafting around.   The floor is cracked with hellfire,and there is a portal of it in the back area. 

Hell Pieces
Piece Cost EXP
Workshop 80,000 Coins ?
Chest 60,000 Coins ?
Bookshelf 45,000 Coins ?
Tables 300 Smith Tokens 3,000
Background 150,000 Coins ?
House 400 Smith Tokens 4,000
Trophy  ?  ?
Total ? ?

Hell Trophy
Trophy Bonus: +5 Quality to Demon Stone

Note: Your table is a Hexagram.  ... Which actually has almost no assocation with anything evil so it may be an artist mistake.  While the inner part is correct, the 6-sided star is a Hexagram.   This again, has almost no hellish or evil meanings.  However, the Pentagram does, which is a 5 sided star..