Hammers are perhaps the most important factor in Sword Quest as being a smith, these are the tools of your trade.

As you become a better sword smith, you will need to upgrade your hammer as well as learn how to use various hammers to be a more effective and better swordsmith. You can use hammers to adjust the temperature of your sword, to increase the quality of your sword{and thus affect what type of sword you can get}, and you can also use hammers to skip preperation/finish time, or even to copy ore from a sword that is being crafted.

Quite simply, without the hammers, you are nothing. No sword smith(probably) ever pounded on a burning lump of metal to make it into a fantastic sword.

There are two types of Hammers.

1. Standard. Standard Hammers are the ones that have unlimited charges. You either use them to add or decrease the temperature of your sword, or the more common usage to affect the quality of your sword. These are the hammers that provide a quality value and a CP value. Quality values on hammers are not cumulative. Only the highest quality value is used for hammers.

As an example. If you are just starting out, your Smith Hammer only has a quality value of 1. Your hammer quality for the sword will only provide a boost of 1. If a higher level friend, with a better hammer, helps the hammer quality value/boost for that sword will increase to match the hammer used by your friend. Your auto-equipped, constant usage hammer will be replaced as you buy and get better versions. The previous version will simply disappear and no longer be selectable. Basically once you purchase the Platinum Hammer or another, you will never be able to get the Smith Hammer again, as you have passed that level. The previous, lower, level hammer is gone.

2. Special. These hammers are special in that they have limited charges. This could be because it provides a massive quality boost or gives mastery boost. There are even hammers that will fix temperature failures or copy an ore from another friend's sword craft.

Note: An * after the name means that you can find this hammer in Adventure.  Lots of hammers have multiple Adventure drops, so only the individual page will list those.

Hammers - Standard Hammers listed first with a brief description.Edit

Special Hammers - Listed in Alphabetical orderEdit

Hammer Info (A.L. = Adventure Location) *F=Friends Only. *S=Self Only
Hammer Cost Effect A.L.
Apprentice Hammer 2,500 Coins +4 Mastery (Can't be used on Divines)*F Mage Tower
Bahamut Hammer  Trophy Bahamut's Domain Decor Trophy -10 Hoursx2 *S X
Chocolate Loaf Quest for Eternity Reward -1 Hr from crafting time. X
Demon Hammer 4 Smith Tokens +10Q & +50 CP C.o.I & Hellgate
Energy Hammer 4 Smith Tokens +125 CP, Repeatable Ruins, D.A., A.S. & Impact Site
Epic Hammer 60 Smith Tokens Make any sword Rank B   *S X
Friend Hammer 1,500 Coins +30 CP *F M.M., O.C., M.T., F.V., I.T., & Impact Site
Happy Hammer 5 Smith Tokens +8 Mastery Mysterious Mountain
Key Hammer X Unlock 1 locked chest Skyland
Love Hammer Valentine Decor Trophy Once a week, make 1 sword 100% Epic X
Magic Hammer 400 Coins Make a Coin Ore be Rank-D *S Mage Tower
Mechanical Hammer Combine 3 Gears +30CP, Repeatable X
Miracle Hammer 3 Smith Tokens Lets you hammer again C.F., M.T., F.V., & Abyssal Sea
Ogre Hammer X +3 Mastery & copies an ore *F Cursed Forest
Rare Hammer 25 Smith Tokens Make any sword Rank C  *S X
Recover Hammer 20 Smith Tokens Undo any penalty on a sword C.F., M.T., F.V., & Abyssal Sea
Shield Hammer 2,500 Coins Protect a sword from temperature Ruins, I.T., & Impact Site
Soul Hammer Free Bonus 3Q(Max of 9) & -30 mins(no limit).  *S X
Soul Harvester Soul Hammer, 50K Coins & 6 Soul Metal Bonus 5Q(Max of 15) & -30 mins(no limit) *S X
Soul Storm Harvester, 300K Coins, & 15 Soul Forge Bonus 7Q(Max of 21) & -30 mins(no limit) *S X
Soul Force Storm, 900K Coins & 99 Soul Forge Bonus 9Q(Max of 27) & -30 mins(no limit) *S X
Thief Hammer 6 Smith Tokens Steal 1 ore *F I.T., D.A., & A.S., & Hellgate
Time Hammer X Speed up crafting time by 2 hours Dojo, M.T., D.A., & I.S., & Hellgate

Critical HitsEdit

This is a random occurance directly related to the hammer you are using. When you critical, it adds 1 degree to the craft temperature and you are given the chance to add extra CP to the craft. As the Standard Hammer you use gets better in quality, so too will its chance of giving you a critical hit chance.