We've all been there.  

All of us at one point or another, started this game, crafted a few things, and thought.. okay.  Now what?

We've set out on an Adventure, armed with our trusty swords and thought hm.. What should I do now?

And we've all been poor., looking under the tables and workbenches just trying to find coins without pulling out the plastic.

This section is where players can help other players.  If you wish to write a guide, then do so.  Take your time, think of what you did that helped you.  I will read them, and make sure that A:  It's not a rip off of a SQ Community guide and 2.  It's helpful.  Other than that, feel free to contribute about any thing you think a player needs help with.  Thank you for taking the time to write up the information that you had figured out and that you think someone else can use.  

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Wiki Guides:

  • SQ 100 - Very basic info for those starting out.
  • Adventure 101: Heading out.
  • Adventure Tips - Tips for how to last longer, play for free, and how to maximize your items.

Seperate Guides:

Tips From SQ (The little one-liners you see at the bottom of the loading screen.)